Praying for the Ukraine

The Redemptorists Province of Oceania joins Pope Francis’ call for prayers for peace in Ukraine. With tensions high, the threat of war is compounding the heartbreaking effects of the covid 19 pandemic in the region.

In this context, we pray. We reach out to the God of peace at this precarious moment in world history. We hope and trust the Redemptorist peacemaking tradition can be used, in a small way, to help defuse the horrors of a possible war.

Redemptorist Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, Mykola Bychok leads us in prayer.

Right now, in the news they are talking about an invasion, a huge invasion of Russian troops into the Ukraine. So, it is a great fear for us but we’re still praying
Mykola Bychok CSsR
Ukrainian Catholic Eparch of Oceania

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Praying for the Ukraine

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