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The Redemptorists are a religious congregation of priests and brothers within the Catholic Church who live in community for the sake of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially among people on the margins of society and church.


Majellan media is a Redemptorist publications apostolate focused on families.


As a religious Congregation we are firmly committed to proactive protocols for safe-guarding of children.


Common Home.TV provides a platform for quality Catholic video contents from producers both national & international.

Indigenous Acknowledgment

We recognise the unique position of Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander people in our culture & history.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The icon invites us to run to Mary in any of life’s troubles. People come to Mary not so she can cling to us, but so that her open hands might accompany us to an open life. Over time, an open life will bring us to our own integrity before God and the world. Such is the grace of it! That is why people come in their thousands bringing with them the heartaches of the world. That is why they leave as a community restored in hope.

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St Clement’s Retreat & Conference Centre

St Clement’s Retreat and Conference Centre, a mission of the Redemptorists, is located in Galong NSW, a little over an hour’s drive from the centre of Canberra. At St Clement’s we are proud of what we can offer and assure you of a warm welcome should you choose to hold your next retreat or conference with us.


Writings by Redemptorists and our colleagues are published here periodically.

pope climate

Pope Francis: get serious about climate change and unfair economic systems

Pope Francis has repeatedly challenged us to ‘make some noise’ about the serious issues of climate change, as well as about poverty and extreme inequality. He summarised his concerns in his social encyclical, Laudato Si’: On Care for our Common Home’, which he signed on Pentecost Sunday, 24 March 2015.


St Martha of Bethany

May we continue to pray for all those affected in various ways by the current pandemic. May we be inspired by Saint Martha in being called forth by Jesus to greater faith and hope.

Do you ever have moments when you look in the mirror and wonder about the meaning of your life?

Redemptorists live in community in order to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In various ways throughout the world we proclaim that people matter! They matter to God. They matter to us.

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