Way of the Cross

By Anthony Kelly, C.Ss.R., STD    Opening Prayer:    Holy God, Loving and Merciful One, we come to you in the darkness of  our world.  The weight of our cares and our responsibilities, of our  struggles and longings, lies heavy upon us.    Yet, in our hope we know our paths lead to you, that your Holy Spirit is  within us, and that Jesus has gone before us as our way.    Because he bore the cross of all the world, we gather now to follow him,  to receive from him the peace the world cannot give, the joy that no one  can take from us, and the energies of new life.   1. Jesus is Condemned to Death Jesus stands before Pilate. The innocent one is condemned by the powers of this world,  to be stripped, beaten and executed on the cross.  Pause:    Lord Jesus, let us enter into your silence.   You have said everything you had to say.   Now you have no further words, as you hear the judgeʹs[…]

Message for the Fifth Anniversary of Laudato Si

Join Redemptorist from around the world in celebrating Laudato Si’ Week beginning May 16 and ending on May 24th. Five years ago, Pope Francis issued Laudato Si. That encyclical, on the environment, called for an ‘ecological conversion’, meaning a deep communion with all things that surround us. In that prophetic document, we have a blueprint[…]

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