redemptorist MIGRANT MISSION ​

“Dear brothers and sisters, our response to the challenges posed by contemporary migration can be summed up in four verbs: welcome, protect, promote and integrate”.  – Pope Francis

In both Australia and New Zealand our Province walks on the lands of, and work with the original Custodians of the Land. It is here where we look to promote the gospel of inclusion for the common good. Our Province is blessed to be working in mission areas where migration and diversity are seen as strengths of local communities. Even with this goodwill, we know that migration to foreign shores is seldom easy. With this in mind, the Redemptorist of Oceania has made our migrant mission a priority.

 The new Mission outreach in Holy Eucharist Parish in St Albans has as a guiding principle: “We welcome the stranger”.  The parish began as a worship centre for the Maltese community but from its earliest days, it was open to welcoming other migrant groups – ‘protecting, promoting and integrating’ them into a vibrant parish community.  Today, the parish is home to Maltese, Sudanese, Samoan, Polish, Vietnamese and Filipino communities. Indeed. we come from all the lands on earth we share a dream and sing with one voice… We are many, but we are “one in Christ.”


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