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The Redemptorist Media Commission works to preach the gospel ever anew in the digital landscape. We work to support various Redemptorist apostolates in Oceania by creating a digital space for their mission as the witnesses of the Redeemer to a Wounded World.

The Redemptorists of Oceania acknowledge that we live in a time of transition. We witness a strange phenomenon occurring: very few younger people are attending church services, yet many others are searching for the transcendent and for a spiritual life. We hope that, at least in a modest way, we might address this contradiction. We do so by reaching out to those associated with parish life as well as those looking for accompaniment outside the church walls.

We aim to generate platforms where the gospel message could reach people where they are, not where it is presumed they should be. Since we do not know of any God except the One who has been revealed as-in-relationship with human beings, we know God’s modus operandi is to meet people where they are. God delights in doing that. So do we. It is the privilege of being an apostle. Our goal is not to be preachy or patronizing, but conversational and engaging.

Our presentation looks to find:

Aware that religious language has been found wanting in our culture, bringing the gospel message to mainstream Oceania can seem a daunting task. More positively it is a challenging one. It is not a mission we intend to undertake alone.

Together we can help provide a new space where people can find healthy ways of relating to God, to self, to each other, and to our world. We do hope you join us.


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