Mass of St Alphonsus

This is a musical setting of some of the congregational prayers
from the new edition of the missal. There are settings of the

  • “Lord, have mercy”
  • “Glory to God”
  • “Holy, holy”
  • Memorial acclamations
  • “Amen”
  • “Lamb of God”
I have composed the music so as to be easily sung by parish congregations.

The melodies of all the pieces are similar – to help with easy learning. However, I recommend varying the pace of the pieces. This is one way of reflecting the various kinds of prayer. For example, it would be good to sing the “Glory to God” quickly and brightly as a lively prayer of praise. It would be appropriate to sing the “Holy, holy” at a moderate pace and strongly as a prayer of adoration and blessing. I suggest that the “Lamb of God” be sung rather slowly and gently as a prayer to Christ as the merciful Lamb of God.

The Mass is named after St Alphonsus Liguori, the founder of the Redemptorists. St Alphonsus was a bishop and doctor of the church and he was also a musician who composed popular religious songs to help people express their praise and love of God.

I hope the music of the Mass of St Alphonsus will help us express our praise and love of God at Mass.

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  • Sales of the sheet music book that includes organ and guitar accompaniment

Cantor and Organ







Cantor: Larissa Cairns. Organist: Paul Taylor. Sound Engineer: Thomas Grubb, Mano Musica Pty Ltd, Flemington, Victoria, Australia. Recorded in St Fidelis Church, Moreland, Victoria on August 28, 2011 with the kind permission of the parish priest, Fr David Cartwright.

Mass of St Alphonsus

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