Cantor and organ – Mass of St. Alphonsus

The audio files below are musical settings of some of the
congregational prayers from the new edition of the missal.
These settings are for

  • “Lord have mercy”
  • “Glory to God”
  • “Holy, holy”
  • Memorial acclamations 1, 2 and 3
  • “Amen”
  • “Lamb of God”

Audio files of cantor and organ for listening and free download

Lord, have mercy (cantor) 

Glory to God (cantor) 

Holy, Holy, Holy (cantor)

Acclamation 1 (cantor) 

Acclamation 2 (cantor)

Acclamation 3 (cantor)

Amen (cantor) 

Lamb of God (cantor) 

Please click HERE to purchase sheet music for the Mass of St. Alphonsus . This book contains an arrangement for organ with guitar chords (pages 1-9) and an alternative arrangement with melody line and simpler guitar accompaniment (pages 10-12).
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