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A challenging and exciting part of Redemptorist life is to listen carefully to what is actually happening in the world and its cultures. Equally challenging and exciting are our efforts to respond effectively in the Gospel’s name to what we hear.

Redemptorist priests and brothers commit themselves to being Good News among the disparaged, the excluded, the poor and the abandoned. 

Our way of going about this has its own flavour. It reveals itself in how we approach people and how we connect with them on behalf of the Gospel. How we connect with people is very much more important than anything we share with them. We find God in this connection and so do the people we live and work among.

This ‘flavour’, this way of witnessing to Christ, allows for people across a wide range of professions to be Redemptorists.  As such they can bring the gifts and expertise they have for serving the Gospel into a dedicated community. 

Increasingly, in the modern world, Redemptorist life is expressed through people qualified as

  • architects and designers,
  • artists and musicians,
  • builders, electricians, mechanics,
  • business managers,
  • computer technologists and programmers,
  • doctors, nurses and other health care professionals,
  • economists, accountants and financiers,
  • engineers, 
  • environmentalists
  • hospitality managers, librarians and researchers
  • lawyers, advocates, people in politics or political action,
  • people working in social welfare
  • people working in the media
  • priests and deacons
  • psychologists, therapists, counsellors
  • scientists,
  • teachers, university lecturers and other educators
  • theologians, biblical scholars and philosophers
  • writers and poets

Through all these professions and more, Redemptorists meet the redeeming Christ in their mission among the poor. Perhaps you would like to explore a similar life?

vocation contact

10 Majella Court
KEW, Victoria. 3101
Australia (Ph) +61 (0) 3 9816 9342

2 Glen Oaks Road
New Zealand
(Ph) +64 (0)9 575 8767

Sts Peter and Paul Church P. O. Box 532, Apia, Samoa (Saleaaumua, Aleipata, Apia, Samoa)
Ph.: +68 4699 1402

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