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Regular contact with a designated Redemptorist will help you discover where the Spirit of God is leading you. It is really about beginning a relationship with us through this designated person. You will likely find it life-giving, no matter where it leads you in the end.

It is important for you to get to know us, as we get to know you. Remember, a vocation needs to “fit”, and building a relationship with us will help you make an informed decision about your life and its direction.

Opportunities during this time may include “come and see” days, retreat and reflection days, meetings, sharing our prayer and meals, as well as meeting other Redemptorists.

Sometimes, because of large distances, the above may not be possible for you or for us. In those cases, you may briefly visit us or we briefly visit you. From there on we can get a process under way via the Web, or sometimes by letter and phone. The main thing is to build the relationship.

Together with your Redemptorist contact person, you will be encouraged to look at the journey and flow of your life so far – your relationships, the ways you interact with the world around you, especially with people on the edges of society. It’s an opportunity to ask questions and gather information. It’s a time to explore what is involved in living life as a Redemptorist and what that might ask of you. You might ask yourself:

vocation contact​

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