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Redemptorist Samoa Mission  started in 1972 with the arrival of the first missionaries from Redemptorist Region of Aetearoa – New Zealand. Due to the lacking membership and the demands of the pastoral needs in New Zealand, the Redemptorists decided to give up the mission and back to New Zealand. They left samoa in 1987.

Twenty years later, the Redemptorist Region of Aetearoa – New Zealand, with the help of Redemptorist Province of Indonesia started again the mission in Samoa. The arrival of the two Indonesian Redemptorist priests, Fr. Oche and Fr. Mans in Samoa in May 2013 and later on followed by Fr. Leo Ugapo, the member of Redemptorist Region of Aetearoa marked the second stage of the Redemptorist mission in Samoa.

In 2014 Redemptorist Region of Aetearoa – New Zealand and Redemptorist Canberra Province have formed a single province called Redemptorist Oceania. Since then Redemptorist Samoa Missiona has been under the Redemptorist Province of Oceania.

The Archbishop of Alapati Lui Mataeliga has given the Redemptorist 4 Parishes at the district of Aleipata – Upolu Samoa. The four parishes are St. Mary Guadalupe – Tiavea, Sacred Hearth of Jesus – Samusu, St. Michael – Amaile and St. Peter and Paul – Saleaaumua. The community is now under the leadership of Fr. Remigious Sila as the Leader of Mission, accompanied by Fr. Lambertus Sogen, the Parist Priest of the four parishes and Fr. Gabriel Marokota as the coordinator of Youth mission. These three priests are the members of Redemptorist Province of Indonesia


Sts Peter and Paul Church P. O. Box 532, Apia, Samoa (Saleaaumua, Aleipata, Apia, Samoa)

Ph: +61 (0) 8 9328 6600

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