24 Garden Street Kogara, New South Wales.

“We are the old-world people
Ours were the hearts to dare
But our youth is spent;
Our backs are bent
And the snow is in our hair.”

Frank Hudson’s poem could well be a description the Redemptorist Community that resides at Kogarah. Kogarah is a suburb of Sydney, Australia. It is situated just west of Botany Bay.

The community is composed of religious priests and brothers who have retired from full active ministry but not from life. Most of us have served the people of the Church for over fifty, sixty, and occasionally seventy years. We conducted parish missions, retreats, assisted in parishes and chaplaincies. Our ministries required us to be itinerants. Our work allowed us to range all over Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippine Islands.

We Redemptorists are a Catholic Religious Congregation who seek to proclaim the liberating message of Jesus Christ especially to poor, marginalised and alienated people. We were founded by Saint Alphonsus Liguori in 1732. St. Alphonsus is a ‘Doctor of the Church’ i.e. a reliable teacher of Christians. Saint Alphonsus is best remembered as an outstanding teacher of Christian morality and spirituality.

Alphonsus’ spirituality is centred on God’s love for all of humanity. God’s divine love is displayed and focused in the three great events of Jesus Christs’ life: his birth as one of us in Bethlehem, his death on the cross on Calvary and his gift of himself in the Holy Eucharist. Redemptorist priests and brothers focus their lives, their spirituality and their ministries on these key aspects of Catholic faith.

Old age requires us to draw back from fully active ministry. Nevertheless, we find that there is plenty to keep us occupied: assisting in local parishes, hospitals, detention centres, occasional retreats and encouraging the young men who hope to follow our way of life. We are fortunate and thankful to be wonderfully cared for in our community. Our accommodation is simple but comfortable. We receive the best of medical care through the dedicated service of our nurse Helen and our doctors.

Age is no barrier to missionary life. As vowed religious, we have made an irrevocable commitment to give the whole of our life to God and that includes old age. Now is a time for us to deepen our prayer life, to reflect on and integrate the disparate elements of our lives and ministries and to prepare ourselves for what is the ultimate goal of every Christian – the bliss of eternal life with the Lord.


PO Box 370

24 Garden Street
KOGARAH, New South Wales. 2217

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