Priests and Brothers

All Redemptorists are called to be apostles, prophets and missionaries. Some of us do this as brothers, while others are ordained priests. In both cases, our mission is with the poor and the excluded. And in both cases, we are called to live in a community that follows Christ the Redeemer.

While we have these aspects in common, there is variety in the way we actually go about our work among people. We live a life of chastity and single-heartedness, a life of poverty and simplicity, a life of obedience and availability. We seek to make Christ and his Good News the centre of our lives so that we may better live for others. Redemptorist priests and brothers are:  

would you like to join us as apriest or brother?

10 Majella Court
KEW, Victoria. 3101
Australia (Ph) +61 (0) 3 9816 9342

2 Glen Oaks Road
New Zealand
(Ph) +64 (0)9 575 8767

Sts Peter and Paul Church P. O. Box 532, Apia, Samoa (Saleaaumua, Aleipata, Apia, Samoa)
Ph.: +68 4699 1402
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