Before First Vows

At the end of a suitable period of “come, see and ask”, you and the vocation co-coordinator will make a decision about whether to move to the next stage of the Redemptorist journey.

To help you further explore whether Redemptorist life is for you, care is taken to nurture and bring to fruition the life that God may have in store for you. At this stage the Redemptorists are concerned for you as a person, and this means helping you grow as a human being, spiritually and intellectually, and in community encouraging your love for the poor and abandoned. A broad outline of the stages of the Redemptorist journey is as follows:

1. Come and Live-In (Postulancy)

A postulant is someone who knocks at the door. This first stage is a time of up to 12 months living in one or several of our communities. It enables you to get to know the community, and for the community to get to know you. You will share in the prayer, work and life of the community. You will also have the opportunity to begin some study and missionary work.

2. Deeper Relationships (Novitiate)

If you continue to feel that this is the right place for you and we continue to judge that you are right for us, the next step is to formally apply to become a novice. The novitiate is a privileged time, usually 12 months, where you are accompanied by a special Redemptorist to help you grow in the spirit and life of our congregation through deeper prayer, study and reflection. This is very much a personal year, hopefully of growth, exploration and deeper reflection. In a sense, it is a chance to try our life on, wear it for a while, and see if it is for you.

3.First Commitment (Temporary Vows)

After the completion of the novitiate, and with guidance and support, it is time to decide whether you wish to make your first commitment to the Redemptorist community and our way of life. This is an important occasion where you will publicly profess vows of poverty, chastity and obedience for three

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