Ukraine digital resource kit

“I invite us to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people -and with people of peace everywhere-to seek an immediate cease fire, a withdrawal of all troops and a resolve to engage diplomacy as our only way forward”. – John Hodgson CSsR, Provincial of the Oceania

The unfolding tragedy in Ukraine has brought fear and angst to our already fragile and fractured human family. The shock of a dictator on the march in Europe is only now really sinking in. What has come out of this reality from all corners of the world is a demand and united resolve to end the Russian aggression in Ukraine. From those working on diplomatic solutions in Belarus to the brave protesters in Russia, we join the chorus of women and men of goodwill saying no to war.


Photo from a Redemptorist house in northeast Ukraine

Pope Francis has asked for March 2nd, the first day of Lent, to be a day of fasting and prayer for peace. We ask you to join us on this day to pray for peace and keep in our hearts the desire to bring healing to our wounded world. Our prayer community, Bread 4 Today, will be publishing prayers to help us remain focused on this perilous situation.

May we all pray to become closer to God and may we ask Our Lady of Perpetual Help to watch over Ukraine and help to reinstate a spark of hope and peace during this terrible time of war
-Mykola Bychok CSsR
Eparch for Ukrainian Catholics in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

 Please use and share the following resources with your networks to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Reputable new sources

Due to cyber warfare, much fake news is spread on TV, social networks, and on the Internet. Our confreres from Ukraine recommend that you check the information. (multilingual) (English) (English) (English) (English) – Russian opposition web source (English) – Belarusian opposition web source
Telegram channel: (English)

Ukraine digital resource kit

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